John Haynes
John Haynes
Senior Architectural Technologist

John joined John Roberts Architects in 2013. He provides a wealth of technical knowledge and ability for us on a contract basis.

John's Favourites

Film : “Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, totally far fetched fun.”

Holiday Destination : “Vienna - the 3 C's Culture, Cake and Coffee”

Quotation : “I have two kinds of problems the urgent and the important. The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent.” Dwight D Eisenhower

Mode of Transport : “Feet, non polluting capable of all terrain use.”

City : “Vatican - compact walkable and can't get any bigger!”

Artist : “M C Esher - all is not what it seems.”

Hero : “Christopher Columbus - would you sail to the end of the earth because somebody had a theory it was not flat?”

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