Wendy Brown
Wendy Brown
PA/Company Secretary

Wendy joined John Roberts Architects in 2007.

Wendy's Favourites

Film : “Grease! I wanted to be one of the pink ladies so much!”

Holiday Destination : “The Maldives - scuba diving with the Manta Rays in crystal clear seas was fantastic!”

Food : “Jacket Potato and Beans - simple but fab!”

Quotation : “ ‘Remember - the toes you step on today may be attached to the ass you will have to kiss tomorrow.’ I don’t know who said it but I read it on a pub wall in the British Virgin Islands.”

City : “Barcelona - such an eclectic mix of everything.”

Recording Artist : “Paloma Faith – totally amazing.”

Hero : “Valentino Rossi (motorbike racer) – the greatest of all time.”

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